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While Jean Shrimpton and David Bailey were hopping around Carnaby Street in London's 1960's, Andy Warhol and his crew were creating their own unique brand of subculture: The Factory.  Edie Sedgwick came on the scene and became fast friends with Andy who had her star in his "underground movies" and opened up one segment of the wave of "youthquake" culture that was to come.  According to Diana Vreeland, then editor in chief of Vogue magazine, "Edie was a white haired anthracite with black eyes and legs to swoon over".  While Andy was making movies such as "Poor Little Rich Girl" and "Kitchen" with Edie, on the other side of town Betsey Johnson was creating her own brand of psychedelic fashion with her shop "Paraphanelia", interestingly admitted by Johnson to be influenced by a trip to London and a meet with Biba owner Barbara Hulanicki. 

Edie was the center of it all for a moment in time and her style still resonates to this day.  From black tights, cropped shirts, cropped dyed platinum hair and especially the miles long earrings she wore -specifically the iconic Butterfly earrings, Edie's style and persona is something people still aspire to today.
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