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Steve Sasco has discovered the secret that all successful designers know: how to move an ancient craft into new directions, how to combine the traditional with the edgy, how to see a new relevance in the dusty past, how to take in a time and place — its clothing fashions, its architecture, its art, its music — and breathe vital new life into it.

A contemporary design without reference to the past is sterile; it has no depth. That’s why so much contemporary fashion and jewelry design is cold and empty. It has no frame of reference for us, and we have no connection to it.

Steve’s influences stem from the East Village, Andy Warhol, New York, to the beat of the West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip and everything in between.

From his days as accessory designer to TV shows such as “Dynasty,” to his work recreating the dramatic dangle earrings worn by Sienna Miller in the movie “Factory Girl;” from his days dancing on MTV with Downtown Julie Brown to selling his latest jewelry line on the, Steve Sasco, “Designer to the Stars,” has been with us — actually ahead of us — charting the new directions at every bend in the stream of fashion over the past few decades.
He’s still here, and he’s ready to lead you into tomorrow’s look.